The Team

I specialize in mental health and want to be an advocate/pioneer for the field in multiple ways. My experience in the mental health field includes providing group counseling, individual counseling, and crisis intervention services.  The people I've worked with helped reaffirm how important it is to form strong relationships with others. 

Interests: I love technology, video games, and competition. I've been interested in #XR (cross reality) content for the past two years. XR encompasses all forms of immersive technology which includes (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, etc.). I'd love to either develop my own content, collaborate on developing content, and/or consulting for companies developing content which focus on mental health experiences or address mental health topics. I'm also very passionate about sports anime, education, podcasts, and current events.

I'm always open to talk, network, and meet with others. I look forward to connecting with you all. I'd love to have the opportunity and privilege of serving as your coach, counselor or consultant.

Michael Gilliard II (Owner, Licensed Professional Counselor)